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The Canine Clipper LLC was established in 1995 by the owner/operator Stephanie Esser. Here at the Canine Clipper, we strive to give all purebred and lovable mixed breeds the very best grooming experience possible. It is very important to us to do what is best for your pet. We evaluate each individual pet’s coat condition and texture. We also take into consideration your pet’s temperament, age, physical well-being, and your desires in order to help decide the very best haircut for your pet. If any health concerns are found during your pet's grooming, you will be promptly notified. It is very important to make grooming a positive experience from the time your pets enter the salon until they are finished and ready to go back home looking and smelling their best. This starts with a calm positive attitude from the pet's owner all the way through the pet's bathing and grooming experience.

We provide your pet with state-of-the-art grooming equipment including hydraulic tables, Clipper Vac system, Hydro Surge therapy bathing, crate drying, and table fluff drying. The Clipper Vac system prevents the clipper blade from heating up, eliminating all chances of “clipper burn”. Our hydraulic tables keep your pet from having to jump up or down off the grooming tables. The Hydro Surge therapy bathing is like having a bath in a Jacuzzi.  Our groomers are kept up-to-date on the current styles and clips by attending grooming seminars and dog shows. Our staff consists of two groomers and two bathers with over 55 years of combined experience.

Our ultimate goal at Canine Clipper LLC is for your pets to have the best grooming experience possible. We also provide the hairstyles that fit their individual needs, body types and coat textures while taking into consideration the amount of time the owner is willing to do for their upkeep at home.